Sustainable Seafood: Barriers and Opportunities in the Fishing Industry

In July 2022, I was invited to contribute to a MOOC focusing on sustainability issues in the seafood industry. The three-week long course developed by EIT Food aims to help students gain a nuanced understanding of the environmental and social problems associated with the fishing industry. Moving beyond just the impacts of fisheries, students will delve into fish farming and aquaculture to gain a comprehensive insight into different fishing industries. I was responsible for the chapter on aquafeed, wherein I focus on the increasing demand for wild-caught fish for aquafeed use. Additionally, I share insights on sustainable alternatives that might help the industry reduce its environmental impact.

From 5/09/2022, the MOOC ‘Sustainable Seafood: Barriers and Opportunities in the Fishing Industry’ can be followed online on

Header image credit: EIT Food


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