Trends and Innovation

How Climate Change Affects Truffle Growth

Originally published on in December 2019. Every year, truffles reap unpredictable harvests under conditions that are often hard to reproduce. This makes them a treasured and exclusive food ingredient all over the world. Only a few species, such as the black Périgord truffle, have been successfully cultivated by farmers. With rising concerns about global […]

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Agriculture & Production

How Truffles are Grown

Originally published on in December 3, 2019. The black diamond of the kitchen. The Mozart of mushrooms. The jewel of cuisine. These are some of the labels that the truffle has earned for itself over time. But what makes this reclusive fungus so valuable? What are truffles? Truffles are fruiting bodies (aka spore producing organs) of the fungi family ‘Ascomycota’. Functionally, they are […]

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