Tips to Reduce Household Food Waste

Originally published on in October 2021 A third of the food grown on this planet ends up being lost or thrown away. A big chunk of this comes from our own homes – but the good news is that all of us can take small steps to stop the problem from getting any bigger. […]

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Trends and Innovation

Short Food Supply Chains: Reconnecting Producers and Consumers

Originally published on in April 2021. Recent developments in the food market show a renaissance of traditional, direct ways of delivering food, coupled with an emergence of more innovative types of distribution systems which provide direct links between producers and consumers. These numerous types of short food distribution channels, commonly named short food supply […]

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Safety & Quality

Valorized Food Processing By-Products in the EU

Published open access in Sustainability’s special issue ‘Safety and Quality of Sustainable Food‘ in April 2021. View full text here. Title Valorized Food Processing By-Products in the EU: Finding the Balance between Safety, Nutrition, and Sustainability Abstract Food businesses in the European Union are preparing for a carbon-neutral future by gradually transitioning to a circular […]

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