Circular Research Data Bootcamp

In July 2022, I attended a week-long course on ‘circular research data’ by Maastricht University where I learnt about how data can be made reusable in a transparent and accessible manner. Circularity in the data science world is inspired by the socio-economic transition we are undergoing; moving from a linear to a circular model that acknowledges sustainability. One of the barriers to research reproducibility is precisely this “linear” mindset. A significant share of the research output produced in the last decades has followed the linear model: 1) Take the data, 2) Analyze and publish it, 3) Dispose of the data. We have the responsibility to change into a circular model. The bootcamp touched upon topics such as setting data terms of use, writing data description, creating better data access protocols, good data archiving practices, the purpose of rich metadata, and ethical reusing of data.

Header image credit: Organisers, Circular Data Bootcamp


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